Making a Difference: Our Ember Project team with Safe Place for Youth

At LumenSparQ, we believe in the power of community and the ability of individuals to create positive change. This month, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Safe Place for Youth (S.P.Y.) for Lighthouse Volunteer Day. Our dedicated Ember project team, consisting of middle schoolers Phoebe, Lily, and Fia, joined forces with other volunteers toContinue reading “Making a Difference: Our Ember Project team with Safe Place for Youth”

Delivering New Tools to RISE High

At LumenSparQ, you know our mission is to spotlight and support local heroes in education. We had the privilege of visiting María, our newest Lumenary, at RISE High this month. RISE High is an incredible school that serves students who have faced various challenges in their academic journeys. We were excited to introduce new makerContinue reading “Delivering New Tools to RISE High”

2023 Ember Project Team

We are thrilled to announce the 2023 Ember Project team: Phoebe, Lily, and Fia, eighth-graders at Westside Neighborhood School. These remarkable students are committed to raising awareness about teen homelessness and providing essential resources to support the young women at Safe Place for Youth (S.P.Y.). S.P.Y. is dedicated to empowering young people experiencing homelessness byContinue reading “2023 Ember Project Team”

A Visit with Naomi Lara

We are so pleased to introduce our newest Lumenary, Naomi Lara, principal of Da Vinci RISE High in Hawthorne. We recently had the opportunity to visit her and her incredible team at one of the three RISE campuses and were inspired by the dedication and compassion they demonstrate in supporting their students. With just aContinue reading “A Visit with Naomi Lara”

Success for the LMS Book Club Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that our recent fundraising campaign was a great success! Thanks to our donors’ generosity, we raised enough funds to purchase books for each student in the Lennox Middle School Book Club, run by our Lumenary, María. The Lennox Middle School Book Club is an integral representation of our mission toContinue reading “Success for the LMS Book Club Campaign”

Making Connections

Growing up, my parents often stressed the importance of getting to know others to build my “network.” Doing so would create these connections that might bring about opportunities related to future work or even joint projects because of some shared interest or passion. I didn’t realize the importance of networking then, particularly given my introvertedContinue reading “Making Connections”

Sensory Regulation Course

We shared the story of our Lumenary, Ms. Dudley, over one year ago. But as with everything pandemic related, it seems time moved slower than anticipated. As such, it’s taken until now to fulfill our gift to her. This past week, we completed three custom Sensory Regulation Courses on the campus of 156th Street ElementaryContinue reading “Sensory Regulation Course”

Paying It Forward

After experiencing an enjoyable hands-on lesson on the use of color through clay and paint, as taught by our Ember Project student, Zoë, the fourth-grade students at Buford Elementary School had a desire to share their newfound knowledge with others. Using surplus clay from their time with Zoë, students from Ms. Lewis’ 4th-grade class prepared anContinue reading “Paying It Forward”

Heroes in the Making

In our search for Lumenaries (educators) and SparQs (students), we seek out individuals doing incredible work for communities in need. Most often, the projects these heroes engage in are long-lasting, working with these communities year over year and touching many lives. As we share their stories and good work, we catch but a glimpse ofContinue reading “Heroes in the Making”