“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

~Amanda Gorman

A Visit with Naomi Lara

We are so pleased to introduce our newest Lumenary, Naomi Lara, principal of Da Vinci RISE High in Hawthorne. We recently had the opportunity to visit her and her incredible team at one of the three RISE campuses and were inspired by the dedication and compassion they demonstrate in supporting their students. With just a…

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Success for the LMS Book Club Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that our recent fundraising campaign was a great success! Thanks to our donors’ generosity, we raised enough funds to purchase books for each student in the Lennox Middle School Book Club, run by our Lumenary, María. The Lennox Middle School Book Club is an integral representation of our mission to…

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Making Connections

Growing up, my parents often stressed the importance of getting to know others to build my “network.” Doing so would create these connections that might bring about opportunities related to future work or even joint projects because of some shared interest or passion. I didn’t realize the importance of networking then, particularly given my introverted…

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Here at LumenSparQ, our mission is to spotlight our local heroes and provide support through financial, material, or human resources as best fit each situation. When we discover a local hero giving food and other necessities to families in need, we may support them with the person-power to package and distribute supplies. Support may also take the form of purchasing specific goods they may lack. If a local hero is providing after school classes for parents, we may help them with funding for new learning materials or through in-person professional development and coaching.

Because each hero’s story is unique, we stay flexible to support in ways where our strengths are the most impactful and our existing resources most helpful.

This website, along with our related social media outlets, shares the good work. We hope to inspire others, like you, to get involved. Come join us on this journey.