The work of our organization is sustained by supporters like you. We are grateful for your contribution and for sharing in our mission. Your generous donation impacts the missions of our Lumenaries, SparQs, and Ember Project recipients in incredible ways, as you can read about in our hero stories.

Active Campaigns

If you would like to donate to a specific cause, see the active campaigns below.

LMS Book Club

Every school year, Ms. Saldaña seeks financial support from outside the school to provide the books for the Lennox Middle School Book Club. Let’s help her reach her goal of providing each of these eager young readers with the materials they need.

The Ember Project

Through this program, we highlight student projects that provide a social good for a group or community confronted with a problem. Our support promotes and enhances their work in a manner they could not otherwise accomplish on their own. Help us support our Ember Project students!

Other ways to give

Donate via PayPal

By Mail: A check or money order payable to “LumenSparQ Inc.” can be mailed to:

LumenSparQ Inc.
P.O. Box 7562
Torrance, CA 90504.

Thank You!

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