Christine Franco

Christine Franco is a wellness educator who has worked to support, empower, and learn from the students she serves for the last 27 years.  She believes that addressing students’ emotional needs and creating a classroom where students feel safe, connected, and valued is the key to supporting academics. As a former elementary school teacher, Christine also realizes how difficult this can be. She works to support teachers in creating trauma-informed classrooms that help to scaffold support for student behavior. This work includes education on how trauma affects behavior, teaching awareness of feelings, practicing regulation tools, and working with parents on restorative practices. 

Christine holds certification in conflict resolution, ECHO parenting trauma-informed non-violent child-raising, and Healing Harms Restorative Justice. She currently works in the Lennox School district with the JUNTOS Wellness program and as a consultant for CCEJ as a Restorative Justice juvenile diversion case manager.

She is a strong advocate for partnership which embraces students and parent empowerment. She believes LumenSparQ will help bring light to educators and students who are working to build stronger communities. 

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