Katya De los Rios

I was born in Mexico City and moved to the United States at the end of High School. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced life in Mexico City in my early years and my adult life in the United States. The experience of having to maneuver two different cultures and lifestyles has given me a deeper understanding of what many people go through daily to be successful, or to make ends meet, or to become part of something bigger.

My early path in the U.S. was transformed by committed educators whose dedication and “outside the box” thinking changed my educational experience in the U.S. for the better. The support I got from what I now call my mentors changed my career path as well. In each stage of my life as a student, I encountered one or two people whose commitment and dedication steered me in the direction I needed to succeed. I know how one person can make a difference and how one act of kindness can be transformative. This early experience as a student in the U.S. motivates me to be part of LumenSparQ’s commitment to highlight and celebrate those making a difference in our immigrant and marginalized communities. Those who follow a path to enrich others’ lives in our communities are crucial for our communities to succeed.

As an educator, I’ve seen how we can impact students’ lives and how we can make a difference. I’ve witness firsthand how one comment or an act of kindness can change a student’s path. We need to focus our energy on those who lift and inspire. By focusing our energy on building our social commitment for a better life, we add to the fabric of what makes our communities thrive. Investment in education is the key to making better choices, making better policies, and enriching communities. Now more than ever, we need to invest and highlight the work that individuals are doing to make our communities stronger. These individuals are vital to a community’s ability to withstand economic, social, environmental, and health challenges. We at LumenSparQ want you to join us in celebrating these incredible individuals.

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