Delivering New Tools to RISE High

At LumenSparQ, you know our mission is to spotlight and support local heroes in education. We had the privilege of visiting María, our newest Lumenary, at RISE High this month. RISE High is an incredible school that serves students who have faced various challenges in their academic journeys. We were excited to introduce new maker resources as a gift to María to enhance their learning experience.

New maker materials including an inkjet printer, Cricut Maker, and a heat press.
A trunk load of supplies and tools for drop off at RISE High

During our visit, we had the opportunity to deliver an inkjet printer, a Cricut Maker, and a Cricut heat press to the one-room classroom in Hawthorne. Along with these creative tools, we provided supplies for making stickers, vinyl heat transfers, t-shirts, and more. The aim was to empower the students to explore their creativity and engage in hands-on projects that foster their artistic abilities, entrepreneurial pursuits, and critical thinking skills.

We were delighted to involve the students in the design process, seeking their valuable feedback on designing a storage cart specifically tailored to accommodate these new tools in their classroom. They provided insights on the organization, accessibility, and mobility aspects, ensuring that the cart would serve as a functional and convenient resource for their creative endeavors.

Students at RISE.
Students help us to brainstorm ideas for a maker cart.

At LumenSparQ, we believe that providing the right tools and resources can unleash a student’s full potential. By equipping RISE High with these new tools, we hope to inspire a passion for creativity, problem-solving, and innovation among these remarkable students.

Our visit to María and her students at RISE High reaffirmed the importance of our mission. Witnessing the excitement and determination in their eyes, we were reminded once again of the transformative power of education and the profound impact that dedicated educators and supportive communities can have on students’ lives.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to María and the entire RISE High community for welcoming us and for their dedication to nurturing these bright minds. They are fostering an environment where students can flourish and find success, even through the challenges they may face daily.

As we continue to focus on our mission, we are honored to stand alongside educators like María, who are making a tangible difference in the lives of their students. We look forward to witnessing the good work and achievements that will arise from the creative journey embarked upon by the students at RISE High.

Together, let us illuminate the path to a brighter future through education, innovation, and unwavering support for our local heroes and the young people they serve.

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