A Visit with Naomi Lara

We are so pleased to introduce our newest Lumenary, Naomi Lara, principal of Da Vinci RISE High in Hawthorne. We recently had the opportunity to visit her and her incredible team at one of the three RISE campuses and were inspired by the dedication and compassion they demonstrate in supporting their students.

With just a single instructional space, the Hawthorne campus provides a warm and supportive environment for students from diverse backgrounds, including those from foster care, those recently out of the criminal justice system, credit-deficient students, and transfers from local high schools where traditional schooling is unable to meet their needs.

Naomi is a passionate and inspiring leader who brings a wealth of experience to her role as principal. She has an unwavering commitment to her students and their well-being, and she works tirelessly to create a safe and inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive.

During our visit, we had the opportunity to observe one of the faculty members working with students during class. We were uplifted to witness the level of engagement and enthusiasm among these learners. Naomi and her team have created something extraordinary at Da Vinci RISE High.

Teacher received donated electronics kits for their curriculum.

As we left the campus, we were thrilled to be able to forge another connection between schools by donating a stack of Little Bits electronics kits that another school generously provided. We believe that supporting and empowering educators and students is crucial to creating a brighter future for all, and we are honored to be able to facilitate these connections and provide resources that can make a real difference in students’ lives.

We are excited to continue to support Naomi and her team as they empower and uplift students in their community. Stay tuned for more updates on Naomi and her full story as our newest Lumenary.

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