Sensory Regulation Course

We shared the story of our Lumenary, Ms. Dudley, over one year ago. But as with everything pandemic related, it seems time moved slower than anticipated. As such, it’s taken until now to fulfill our gift to her. This past week, we completed three custom Sensory Regulation Courses on the campus of 156th Street Elementary School.

A future blog post will dive deeper into what a sensory regulation course is and how it can help students to reflect, relax, and refocus, particularly when emotions run hot and they need an outlet.

For this post, we are sharing a few photos and short videos. Here are the three courses we planned out this past spring:

The quad area in front of the office has an outer track of steps and pauses, and an inner track for stepping, jumping, and stopping for a yoga pose.
This small seating area is for meditation and grounding.
On the playground, students and teachers can use the Zones of Regulation to self-regulate, then check out the maze, the alphabet trail, and hopscotch.

With over 45 volunteers on a sunny summer day, we mapped out and painted the courses. We are grateful for the time and effort provided by these community members. Their dedication is a testament to Ms. Dudley’s work.

In these last days of summer, before we all returned to school, the LumenSparQ board and the school’s parent liaison came to campus to stencil in keywords and paint the yoga characters. Below is a short video:

Please check back with us soon. We will follow up with a more extensive post on Sensory Regulation Courses, how they work, and how to use them with your students.

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