Celebrating Women’s History Month

I come from Mexican, Indigenous, Puerto Rican, Spanish, Portuguese, African, and Jewish mothers. My DNA test surprised me and made me think of all the women that existed for me to be here. Each of these women had their unique way of looking at life. I can imagine the hardships that many had to endure for me to be here. Many of them sacrificed a lot for the next generation. I can’t help but think about the fabric of my DNA and how many profound thinkers, doers, artists, and creators are represented there. It is an honor to be related to all these women. We at LumenSparQ are thankful for our mothers, grandmothers, and all the women that represent our past.

WOMEN WORK HARD. Their work is often ignored; they are overlooked in the market, discriminated against, marginalized, harassed, and even killed for being a woman, for being Mexican, Black, or Asian. The women around us matter, the women before us matter, the women who are next matter. WE MATTER. Use your voice, vote, and energy to help lay a foundation for the betterment of all women.

We have the tremendous responsibility to protect this earth for future generations, protecting a most valuable resource: WOMEN. Women think, work hard, create, protect the earth, build communities, inspire and dream big. In their greatness, we thrive. Feel inspired by all the women that represent your blood to continue fighting for our equal place in the world.

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