Lumenary #3 – María Saldaña

As we return to school this fall, we are honored to announce our third Lumenary, María Saldaña, English teacher at Lennox Middle School in Lennox, California.

In addition to her full-time teaching position, María coordinates the after-school LMS Student Book Club, a program we have chosen to support.

Read her full story

It seems that great minds think alike, as the Lennox School District recently selected María as Teacher of the Year, among a faculty of approximately 350 educators. It is well-deserved recognition. We wish her and her students the very best in the coming academic year.

LumenSparQ will honor María through the purchase of books she will select for the book club kids this year. These books will represent diverse and inclusive voices and perspectives.

We are grateful to all of our donors, as your financial support helps to make this possible. To support future programs, click on the link below.

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