LFL Campaign Update

The build for our Little Free Library, supported entirely by the generous donors for this campaign, is complete. The funds raised covered all material costs and the installation at 156th Street Elementary School that will take place in late summer.

While we anticipated purchasing books with the excess funds, the library will now be filled with books given by the Palisades Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library and graphic novels donated by Geoffrey’s Comics in Torrance. The remaining funds from the campaign will go directly to the school.

Here are some pictures of the build process for our Little Free Library:

We designed and laser engraved a donor plaque which serves as a testimonial of support from the broader community for the work that Ms. Dudley has done for the students, faculty, and parents at 156th Street Elementary.

Donor plaque design and laser engrave were completed in-house here at LumenSparQ.

Through our social media channels, we will provide an update when the installation of the LFL takes place on campus. This campaign has been exceptional, and we know the students at 156th Street Elementary School can’t wait to use their new Little Free Library.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

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