Celebrating Women’s History Month

As we celebrate the incredible work of women throughout history this month, and every month, here are two recent social media posts from the amazing women here at LumenSparQ. And while on the topic of amazing women, we will soon announce our second Lumenary, a passionate, caring, and committed educator at an elementary school in LAUSD. More to follow about her in the coming weeks.

Women's Rights are Human Rights.
Women’s March, Los Angeles. Poster by Karina Umekubo

Katya De los Rios, Founder
On March 8th, 1911 my Grandpa Hector Ibarra Rodriguez was born in the state of Sinaloa. In his youth, they moved to Mexico City where he spent the rest of his life. Even though my grandparents lived in a typical household with machismo, my Grandpa became the most important source of love and support to my mother. My mom was free to be herself around my grandpa and felt truly loved and supported by him. He celebrated my mom’s milestones and applauded her sense of humor. My mom shone because the source of light was love. My grandfather found a way to connect in an environment that told men to not show emotions and treat boys better than girls. My mom became a source of light herself; celebrating and loving us deeply. I can feel the love that my mom still has for my Grandpa. Celebrate International Women’s Day by shining a light on a girl or woman you care about. Loving and caring for a woman has generational repercussions that truly continue to make a difference once the igniter of the light has passed on. Be that light today.

Women belong in all places where decisions are made, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Women’s March, Los Angeles. Poster by Katya

Isabel Umekubo, Teen Advocate
I am grateful to be blessed with a voice, one that I can call my own. It saddens me that many women across the world are stolen of their voice, and robbed of their spirit. In this world, women who were born in the wrong body are beaten and murdered. Women with disabilities are mocked and ridiculed. Women who love other women are battered and mistreated. Women in larger bodies are degraded and harassed. Women of darker complexions are terrorized and tortured. Every woman is a warrior, but in this life, we must dedicate everything we have to fighting for and beside those who have been excluded from the movement for so long. Lend part of your voice to someone so that theirs can be shown in a new light, where it is loved and cherished.

#WHM #IWD2021

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